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 in the real world now, in and for the coming days ahead

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A timely movement towards:


for individual choice
thoughts, beliefs,
aarts,education and
cultural Expression


of  voice and vote
  defining rights relationships 
between Human beings

by free association for
producing, distributing, and
consuming goods and services

The time is Now for new alternatives to be introduced in diverse arenas of human life on Earth.  Before it is too late.  We humans have taken upon ourselves the very destiny all life on the planet.  Look any direction and see this is so.  So what are we now to do, to avoid the extinction of all life on the planet?

All of us share this planet with other human beings, it goes without saying. As individuals, each of us requires the Freedom to live, grow and express our spirit as we chose, with ample social allowance and liberty for expression of our differences in the social world  

We share space on a finite planet where Equality of human Rights, socially defined and maintained through truly democratic public forums, must become the sole concern of government.  

To sustain our bodies and souls, we each require goods and services.  Efficient provision of these products can be achieved Fraternally through strictly free and voluntary joint Economic Life associations.  These independent but linked associations can provide a meeting place for rubbing shoulders, creating strong bonds of communion and community between persons, each remaining in command of his or her own life, each their own boss. 

Past and present forms of one-state governments now provide insufficient ground for support and growth of these three, very different arenas, of social life: the Spiritual/Cultural Life, Rights Life, and Economic Life. To meet the requirement of Freedom for our individual spirits, assure Equality of rights for all, and provide truly voluntary choice of how we spend our time producing, distributing, and consuming products,  requires new discernment an development of new and better ways of doing things.  Each of these three social spheres has it's own special character and requirements. No longer can all three of these orders of social life handled by a single, broad-brush Sweep called Government, unsuccessfully attempting to do it all, and now failing in every arena. 

We explore here together, not an Utopian Dream, but what is the best we can do at this time.   As situations and persons change, we must remain open to new alternatives.  Old forms and structures invariably, eventually,  become inadequate to meet the new exigencies arising over time, demanding new consideration and insight. Perhaps the largest example of this, no longer avoidable is that the ....................nd its other creatures should have been closer taken into account and how close we are already to complete extinction of life on the planet earth. actions, or we too may well soon be extinct.

So we approach on the long way here, at the branching of the road, the choice. All else follows upon this very human decision and action process.

r is it already too late,  everything tried, everythiing failed. no longer any new alternatives available? No. We think there is further light to be shed on how to live peaceably and productively with one another, while reaching our full potential as free spirits in the earth.  We and our families can be more than victims, dependent on the old.  Could it be that neither corporate Capitalism nor Socialism are the only alternatives? What is the next step? These  crucial questions are what this site is about.

What you see here are some persons' ideas you may have not considered before. What are yours? We hope that this can be a collection of forums on a wide variety of topics.

This website is strictly an educational endeavor, not commercial or membership oriented. It is not a 'program' or a 'plan' to be adopted but a cyber imagination illustrating principles and insights which can change our real-world realities for the better.   Any and all contributions of articles and information is voluntary and unpaid.  If you think you have new alternatives to volunteer towards making life on earth better, we most heartily welcome your 
input.  Please consider this site a possible way to express your point of view. 

What better ways of doing things do YOU have to offer? 

The healthy social life exists only when
in the mirror of the human soul
the whole community forms itself,
and in the community lives
the strength of the individual soul.
                                      Rudolf Steiner, 1920

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